The Hairstylist Performance Planner.    

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Are you a Hairstylist who is ready to scale your business to 6 figures?

OR maybe you'd like to scale your 6 figure business!

I'm going to share with you my proven methods and strategies that will quickly help you grow your business to it's highest potential.  

Since we've been back, if you are like me you;

  • Refuse to go back to the way things were, long hours and giving deals.
  • You want to work less and make more
  • You want to manage your money and clientele better
  • You want more free time to spend quality time with your family

Are you sick of feeling like:

  • You work so hard but you're still not making the amount of money you want?
  • Managing your clients feels heavy
  • You are always giving your money away

What if you could have the perfect structure that will help free up your time and eliminate the stress around money and your business?

The Hairstylist Planner can do all of that for you.


What exactly is the Hairstylist Performance planner?

It's a 90 day planner with 8 different sections.

Inside the Hairstylist Performance Planner you'll find:

  • A 7 day easy marketing plan that you can rinse and repeat.
  • A 2 page exercise to get you clear on your numbers. 
  • Client trackers, money trackers
  • The hairstylist 6 figure blueprint 
  • Your personal blueprint


In my career as a stylist I've had to generate lots more income fast more times the I can count. 

Each time I had to scale I got better and faster at making it happen.

In fact a few year back I was working one day a week making 500. Some stuff went down at the salon and I found myself in need to make 2k a week.

So I went back to work five days a week. I implemented everything I knew and quickly scaled to 6 figures.

If I can do it so can you! 

 Imagine this is you:

  • You've successfully raised your prices
  • You have the perfect schedule 
  • Your money management system is a success, you are paying bills off and saving
  • Your clients are gladly paying and rebooking
  • Your business has a nice flow with the right systems that make it impossible to fail. 

Maybe you're thinking, this is too good to be true? 

I hear you, but once I took the time to create the plan, map it out, create the right method and tools and IMPLEMENT THEM I was like OMG that was easy.

And now I want to share it with all you hairstylists.

I want to give you the map to create any success you'd like. And I mean ANY success. As long as you are willing to create some new success habits.

These systems are easy, the only thing you need to do is follow them step by step like I have. 

My new normal is taking two days a week off my schedule. I've changed my prices and my hours.

My goal, make the same money but cut the days and time I spend in the salon WAY BACK so that I can spend more time with my friends, family and find my plus one :)  

The 90-Day Hairstylist Performance Planner will help you map out all aspects of what it will take.

You'll see It's more then just "declaring your number."

There are a few strategies and systems you need to have in place to execute your plan. 

I've also created a Mini course to show you how to use each section of the planner so that you can maximize your success.

How many times have you bought a planner but didn't know how to properly use it, so you just pushed it to the side? 

I know I have... 

Well I don't want you to do that! Everything you need to grow and sustain a  successful business is in this planner! 

If you don't find that to be true, you can keep the planner and I will give you your money back!  

 So if you've been feeling stuck and frustrated in the past and wonder what's the best way to grow your business, and make more money to build a more quality life, then this planner and mini course is for you.

In the mini course, I've also included the replay of a training where I teach the Hairstylist 6 Figure Blueprint framework as well as a video where I share my results after using the planner for 90 days. 


Using the methods and systems in the planner you will:

  • Eliminate gaps in your schedule.
  • Retain 90% of your clients and have them rebooking
  • Booked out weeks in advanced
  • Know how to market yourself
  • Grow a bigger clientele
  • Hit your monetary targets
  • Know your numbers

This performance planner is your entire business at your fingertips!

No more wonder how to grow, scale and organize your business behind your chair.

If you are ready to have a full system to double or triple your income, grab this planner. 

No more confusion on how to manage or grow your business behind your chair!

If you are ready to get laser focused and committed to a master plan to CRUSH IT behind your chair as soon as you get back, then the Hairstylist Performance Planner is for you. 

Your investment and bonuses for The Hairstylist Performance 90 Day Planner


[Plus Your Instant Bonuses]

  • One page personal budget sheet
  • Closing the gap, map and exercise
  • 6- Figure Blueprint
  • Personalize Blueprint framework
  • Monthly Misson
  • 7 day marketing plan
  • Monetary Trackers
  • Client Management framework
  • "Filling The Gap" Strategy  
  • INSTANT ACCESS>> 6 Figure Blueprint Framework Training [$497. Value]
  • INSTANT ACCESS Mini course>> [$197. Value]
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Total Value, $761.

Your investment $67.00 (free shipping)


Get instant access to my 21 day 21 strategy program [Valued at $197]

This program is a 21 day program.

It has 21 short videos with one strategy you’ll need to implement each day to help build the momentum you need to grow and sustain your business.

It’s the perfect compliment to the planner.

This 21 day program is a retired course and you can only get in a bonus!

TOTAL VALUE = $958.  

Your investment, $67.00

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Are you sick of:

  • Low retention rates
  • Not making the income you desire
  • Just "winging it" hoping you make enough to cover the bills
  • Not having a solid map or plan for your future goals
  • Lack of confidence and uncertainty
  • Fickle clients who don't rebook
  • Slow times
  • No marketing plan
  • Sitting more then building

Then this planner is for you!

Send Me Mine Please!

Why using this planner is a game changer to grow your business.

  • Maps,
  • Frameworks,
  • Methods,
  • Blueprints,
  • And strategies

are designed for immediate results to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Each strategy is built upon each other to created the momentum needed to retain and sustain your life and business.

What would your life look like right now if you could double your income? 

What if investing $67 dollars was all you had to spend to double your income? Would it be worth it to you? 

See below how Vicki made $400. more in the first week of implementing what she learned in some of our training together.

The methods in the planner are what I've used and continue to use to reach my next level in my life and business.

My goal is to help as many hair stylists as I can who are willing to believe in themselves, and reach financial freedoms in their life too.

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Jessica Olson says....

I loved the planner and program! 

Before Covid hit us it really kept me on track.  I was able to see exactly what I was bringing home and what went out as expenses.  

It made me aware of what was coming in and accountable for what I spent in cash.  It allowed me to save money. 

I highly recommend the program for anyone who is struggling with setting their helpful. 

Much appreciation 

Jessica Olson

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Liz Newell

Stacy has been one of the most influental individuals in my career. She's provided mentorship and guidance that has allowed me to build a successful business. I am a single mom with three children, since working with Stacy, my children and I have been able to move into our own place. I have the time to be a hands on mom. I also have the freedom and know how, to reach my financial goals

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Vicki Macias

I went through the assignments and have been using my daily income tracker ever since. It's been so cool to see my progress, and what I can do to improve. The first week I used it was a wake up call, as I was nearly $650 short of my weekly goal (I set a big goal for myself!). The second week, after putting the things I learned to use, I was only $220 short of my weekly goal! That much closer to reaching it!
Setting goals on paper and seeing myself work towards them has been such an encouragement.

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Gail Cameron-Cush

Learning and Implementing what Stacy has taught me has helped me go from a 50% return rate to 95%. I follow all the steps and I have been very consistent. Thank you Stacy, your workshop has change the way I run my entire business.

Hi Stacy Monroe here, in the last two years I've 5X my income by using the methods you'll find in the Hairstylist Performance Planner.

I've created a foolproof system with processes to get you from where you are now to where you'd like to be.

I'VE ALSO CREATED A MINI COURSE FOR YOU! This course will show you exactly how to use each section of this planner so that you could maximize your results and crush it in 2022! 

Included in the course is the replay of the  FREE MASTERCLASS where I first taught the planner and shared the Hairstylist 6 figure blueprint.

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