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Monday, November 26 @ 4pm PST


Get booked, gain confidence, hit your financial targets and grow your business by 60%.

End the madness and frustration of the amount of time it takes to grow a big enough business behind your chair so that you could support your life.




Hair Stylists

NO more sitting around wondering how to grow a huge clientele and hit your financial targets

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The 3 BIGGEST mistakes stylist make that will sabotage their career.
  • How to create a "lifer" clientele so you have consistent income.
  • How to get booked and generate a bigger clientele.
  • The best ways to market yourself and stand out on Social Media
  • How to use my 3 money framework worksheets to help you attain financial stability. 
  • The top 5 habits of a highly successful hair stylist
  • How to fill those empty gaps in your day.
  • AND IF YOU JOIN LIVE you'll get my 3 favorite ways to add $100. to your day!

Meet Stacy Monroe

She's known for "giving hair stylists their big start." She's a published co-author, salon owner and a full-time stylist behind her chair. She loves to teach and inspire other hair stylists and salon owners to reach their highest potential in life and business.


Are you ready to end the frustrations of a hair stylist?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You feel like no matter how hard you work you still find yourself right back where you started with empty books and dwindling income?
  • You struggle with client retention.
  • You took a second job and now you are spread too thin
  • You're not sure how to run your business like a business, so that it can support your life.
  • You need to straight-up generate more income fast.
  • You can't take another 3-hour no-show.

I want to help you end the madness in this one masterclass!

I will teach you my proven success path and give you my perspective as an owner. I've helped dozens of hair stylists succeed; some have even gone on to open their own salons, which are thriving today.

Let's start working on your business so that you can say goodbye to the stresses of wheather you can pay your bills or not. 

Say goodbye to slow seasons and start making consistent income now!



Sign up, join the FB pop-up group where all the training will be held

Introduce yourself and let's chat before the training. Some hot seats will be available if you'd like some personal help with your struggles.









"Stacy has been one of the most influential individuals in my career. She's provided mentorship and guidance that has allowed me to build a successful business. I am a single mom with three children. Since working with Stacy, my children and I have been able to move into our own place. I have the time to be a hands-on mom. I also have the freedom and know-how to reach my financial goals. "

Liz Newell
Hair Stylist

"I went through Stacy's assignments and have been using my daily income tracker ever since. It's been so cool to see my progress and what I can do to improve. The first week I used it was a wake-up call, as I was nearly $650 short of my weekly goal (I set a big goal for myself!). The second week, after putting what I learned from Stacy to work, I was only $220 short of my weekly goal, that much closer to reaching it! Setting goals on paper and seeing myself work towards them has been such an encouragement and game changer."

Vicki Macias
Hair Stylist

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