Hair Stylists LIVE, Virtual Workshop

Are you looking to create a certain life style with financial independence?

Let's make 2018 your breakthrough year!

Do you have some big goals that need to be supported by a thriving income?

Join me and other like minded stylist on a mission to make 2018 their breakthrough year! Monday March 26, 3:00 PM PST

Hi, I'm Stacy Monroe, I've owned Stacy Monroe's Salon for 24 years. I've been a stylist behind my chair for over 30 years. I've quit cutting more then a hand full of time. Each time I came back, I grew my clientele bigger and faster. In my salon and community, I'm known for, "GIVING HAIR STYLISTS THEIR BIG START." Join me in this virtual workshop. Learn the process I teach, to achieve your highest success. You'll know exactly what to work on, and focusing on, to achieve your breakthrough year.

Maybe you are someone who's never created monetary goals or a business plan for yourself?  

How do these goals sound?

This will be you!

  • Make your desired income, what ever you choose
  • 90% rebooking rate
  • Every customer buys something, this equaling bigger commission checks
  • Constant flow of new clients
  • Marketing plan, with calendar 
  • 60% busier then 2017
  • 50% Raise from 2017

What ever you dream of, I am going to show you how to make it happen. Once you sign up you'll immediately get the 17 page workbook filled with my secret tools and proven strategies that have help many hair stylists go on to grander success. Several opening their own salon, taking with them a solid business behind their chair.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have:

  • Your personalized monetary map for 2018
  • All your strategies in place
  • The necessary tools to get you there
  • Clarity on all your steps
  • A clear action plan!

If you are tired of sitting around and waiting for things to happen in your career, then get signed up for this training ASAP!


Here are some things I know you may be frustrated about right now.

  • Flaky clients
  • Sitting around
  • 40% retention rate
  • Clients buying from amazon
  • Not making enough to pay your bills
  • Slow times
  • The best way to market yourself

Your probably saying, you've tried it all and you are done with the whole madness of trying to build your career as a stylist. Before you throw in the towel, I'm going to ask you to dream a bit. 

What if,

  • You were a highly requested stylist
  • Seen as an expert in your field
  •  Making more money then you've ever dreamed of.

Is this something you'd like, because I am going to show you:

  • Exactly how to show up
  • What your clients want from you
  • What habits it will take to get you there.

Together, lets take your career to its highest peak yet!

Are you are ready to take your business serious in 2018?

Are you are tired of playing it small and ready to reach your highest potential?

If so, get ready to work side by side with me. In this workshop I will teach you what it'll take. Get signed up now before this workshop reaches it's capacity!

 Something you may not know about me. I was a young mom living out of the home already, on welfare at the age of 16. With my career as a hair stylist, I was able to get off welfare and support my baby girl. I creating a bigger life then I thought possible.


Being a hair stylist has been the foundation to all of my dreams coming true. 

This business is abundant. 

I'm gonna show you step by step what to do to grow your business behind your chair in this virtual workshop. 

AS A BONUS, I'm going to GIFT YOU my online workshop called, The Foundation To Earning 6-figures workshop. After you sign up for the workshop, you will have instant assess.

Run, don't walk. Get signed up to make your dreams a reality in 2018!


Instant Access To The Foundation To Earning 6-Figures Workshop 

Check out all the info for this workshop below.

Are you ready to grow a huge business behind your chair, so that you could create and support the life you desire?

Interested in hitting 6-figures? In this workshop I'll teach you my 6-Figure Blueprint. I will show you how to create your own financial blueprint. Create budgets and everything necessary to end the frustration in business.

Do you wonder how stylist grow an entire clientele on social media?

Learn the social media post that created $1100 on the books in less then 24 hours! 

This workshop is a three video series workshop. Once you sign up, you'll get instant access. All the lessons and the worksheets are ready to watch and download.

Lesson One - What your clients are looking for in you, Income Blueprints, and budget.

Lesson Two - Monetary goals, client management lists, marketing tips and the Income tracker. How to grow your clientele by 60%.

Lesson Three - Build momentum, and discover your driving force with incredible writing and mindset exercises. 

Check out what one of my students said about the training:

"I went through the assignments and have been using my daily income tracker ever since. It's been so cool to see my progress, and what I can do to improve. The first week I used it was a wake up call, as I was nearly $650 short of my weekly goal (I set a big goal for myself!). The second week, after putting the things I learned to use, I was only $220 short of my weekly goal! That much closer to reaching it! Setting goals on paper and seeing myself work towards them has been such an encouragement."

-Vicky Macias
Hair Stylist

This workshop is for all levels of experience, from students, seasoned stylists and salon owners.

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, and struggling to pay all your bills, this workshop is for you.

Have you been thinking about taking a second job or leaving the industry?

Before you do, take this workshop.
Maybe you're at the point of losing your place or your car?

After this training, you will be inspired, fired up and well on your way to financial freedom.

This workshop includes my keys to success for building and sustaining my life, as well as keeping my salon doors open for over 20 years!

Trust me, I understand your pain.
I started in this industry when I was 17 years old.
I was already a mommy, living out of the home, collecting welfare and food stamps.
Whatever your goals are, they can be achieved in this industry!
If I achieved financial independence with those set of circumstances, then so can you.

Who will benefit from this training?
Any hair stylist at any point in their career. So whether you are a student, getting back into the industry, or a seasoned stylist, this training is for you.

End the frustration of not knowing how to manage your money or run your business. 

By the end of this training:

- You'll be confident with the structure you have in place to level up financially.

- You'll know your driving force so nothing will stop you from achieving success.

- You'll have your daily plan and daily targets in place!

I am going to teach you and give you the tools and strategies necessary to remove all confusion and frustration when it comes to money.

You will know exactly what to do.

I'll share with you how to grow your business by 60%.

If you want to:
- Gain confidence with your finances
- Put a monetization plan into place to succeed now
- Gain stamina to last for years
- Learn ways to continually grow

You're going to get:

- Questionnaire checklists
- Blueprints
- Tools
- Maps
- Systems

By having these tools in place, you'll see your business grow fast!
This is a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks process that works.

You'll be ready to implement everything you learn, right away.

We'll work through:

- Client Retention
- Money management
- Vision
- Confidence
- Structure


What's the first thing you'd like to do once you get your business on the fast track and your finances in order?

  • Take an epic vacation?
  • Drive that new car off the lot?
  • Sign the kids up for tutoring, cheer, or sports?

I almost forgot...



Grab your BONUS, and get signed up. This virtual workshop seating, will fill up fast, don't miss out. Don't wait one more day or year to grow your business behind your chair. Lets do this together now!