7 Salon Game Changers

7 of my best salon secrets and strategies that has kept me in the  game for over 24 years.


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Did you know that most salons close within 18 months!

Is this you,

  • You're feeling stuck financially.
  • You struggle with finding the perfect front desk help.
  • You can't seem to find the right people to build the right team.
  • More money is going out then in.
  • Your retail sales are dead.
  • You have great ideas for your salon, but you are not sure how to get there.

Do you feel like,

  • It's time for real change in your salon
  • You need to be inspired again
  • You are a bit frustrated and deflated

It certainly has been me, let me tell ya! I want to help you resolve all of this and get you feeling happy and confident on how you run your business.

OR maybe you're running a great business and would like to level up, either way, this training is for you!

In this FREE Masterclass I share with you the 7 game changers that has taken my salon to new levels.

Stacy Monroe

Hello my fellow Salon Owners! I'm a Salon Industry Expert and Coach, I help Salon Owners and Stylists like you, achieve your highest level of success in your business, so that you can support and sustain the life of your dream. My proven strategies will help build your confidence. My specialty is reinvention! Where I shine is in the field. How else can you know right! 

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