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Did you know that most salons close within 18 months.

That being said, we must learn how to stay in the game.

Are you a salon owner struggling with,

  • Creating a bigger income?
  • Finding the perfect front desk help?
  • Building the perfect team?
  • Retail sales? 
  • "Outside of the box" thinking?
  • Creating that bigger vision for your salon?

If so, I am going to share some ways to help you with that.


So if you are feeling like,

  • It's time for real change in your salon but you are not sure how to get there
  • You'd like to be inspired and excited about what's next 
  • You're a bit frustrated and discouraged.   

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Are you ready to level up and scale your business?

In this FREE Masterclass I share with you the 7 game changers I created that have helped me take my salon to new levels.

Stacy Monroe

Hello Stacy Monroe here, salon owner of 25 yrs and stylist behind my chair. I'm a Salon Industry Coach, Co-Author and creator of the Hair Stylist 6-Figure Blueprint. I help Salon Owners and Stylists like you, achieve your highest level of success in your salon and business, so that you can support and sustain the life you deserve and  dream about. My proven strategies will help you build your confidence and fill your chairs.  

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