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Salon by Design is a 6-week online group coaching program for salon owners who want to get clear on what highly profitable salon business model fits perfectly for their lifestyle and needs without wasting years of frustration, guesswork and costly mistakes.


Do you feel like you are working hard at it and have tried it all but you are still coming up short in many areas?


You need a better way to run your salon.
One that gives you back your time and keeps more money in your pocket.


I can teach you how to run a highly profitable salon with ease. One that allows you to walk away and have a life outside the salon so you could spend more time doing what you love with the ones you love.

Are you a salon owner that feels:

  • Exhausted because you wear all the hats

  • Like leadership feels draining.

  • Burned out, frustrated and overwhelmed not sure how much longer you can survive with your current reality.

  • That you need real change in your salon right now so that you can feel more in control and at a better comfort level

  • In more debt than you are comfortable with since the reopening.

  • Tired of worrying about money.

  • The struggles of finding the right stylist, because it's really hard to find quality hires.

  • Like your time is being fully consumed with running the salon and it feels like things are not getting better fast enough.
Do you wonder what are the secrets
behind building the right team, the best way to lead so that you have less turn over?

I feel you because I was there too! I see many owners struggling the same. I know many scenarios have changed for us as owners in the last few years. Our lives are a bit different too which spills over into our businesses.

Before I was forced to close my salon doors I didn’t realize how hard I was working. I didn’t realize the toll it was taking on my body and how I was being robbed of any kind of personal life.

Sounds extreme I know but I was knee deep in the hustle of being an owner. I had assistants, commission employee stylists, renters, receptionists and I was also a full time stylist behind my chair.

The shutdown was a blessing in disguise. It was a chance for a complete reboot. I was able to step back and see how I never wanted to work again. Once we re-opened I was down to 7 hairstylists.

I decided to change my business model. My profit was higher than it was before and the hours I spent in the salon was cut in fours!

Are you ready to work less and profit more?

How about ending all frustration around leadership and inspiring your team so that you can feel at ease when you are not in the salon.

What if I told you that this is all possible for you when you have:

In just 6 weeks you'll learn proven processes, strategies and frameworks that will allow you to:

Eliminate the sleepless nights of worry and overwhelm.

If you are working  behind your chair, take more time away from it without compromising your income.

Have more free time and energy to do what you love.

Run a highly successful salon and team, avoiding walk-outs while hiring the right people.

Create financial freedom.

“I am a Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Lash Technician and Trainer. I bought my very first beauty salon in April 2018. I have faced many challenges that I was never told about, I wasn’t prepared for all the unexpected things that could happen in a beauty salon.

I was overwhelmed with all the tasks, un-answered questions, my confidence had never been that low in my life. I knew that I could do better, I searched for help, and some experts are super expensive and not even customized for me.

I kept searching and I have found Stacy Monroe from the group Elite Mastermind Salon Owners. She has answered a few questions I asked that made me feel confident to talk to her more. I looked at her online coaching content and it was exactly what I needed. I decided to take her online coaching program. She has untied so many knots I had in my mind. The picture gets more and more clear each time we talk. Every question I had for her received quality knowledge.

She really customized her coaching just for me. She’s been there all the time to help me. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence of being a leader, a salon owner. I am forever grateful! I highly recommend Stacy for any salon owner who’s searching for some answers.

Much love to you Stacy”

- Sophia Chau Hoang- Owner SEN - Maison De Beauté


A comprehensive course for salon owners who are ready to get re-inspired and re-design your business model to fit your current lifestyle needs. Whether you’d like to be a million dollar depositor or a pure profit salon the proven methods and frameworks in this course will help you quickly be more at peace, gain your time back and have MORE money in your bank account.


Imagine a world where you have zero stress around your money and your business. Imagine when you’re not at work you don’t have to think about it or worry about it. You have your money dialed in so no more wonder if your bills are going to get paid or not.

You have the means to do what you love and the time to do it.

What's Included?
Pay-in-Full Bonus!

A one on one virtual walk through of your salon with a full coaching session on ways you can restructure and fully monetize your salon space.
A $2,000 value


“Being a stylist for 20 years, I knew opening and running a hair salon was not going to be easy. I was ready for the challenge and looking forward to the independence and freedom of being an owner. Six months after opening my salon, the challenges that I came across were not what I had anticipated. I had read books and spoken with a few salon owners, but I wasn't getting the exact information I needed. Finally a close family friend connected me to Stacy Monroe and she helped me change my business structure. Her experience and knowledge helped me create a much more balanced work environment. Thanks to Stacy, the salon is flourishing and everyone is happy! I turned to Stacy Monroe repeatedly for her expert advice. With her help the culture of my salon grew stronger and I was able to implement a full proof tactic to build my business. I am so grateful for her experience and even more so that she is willing to share it with our industry.”

-Melissa Cox, Coupe Sixty-One

Access To The Salon By Design Course

12 X Live Weekly Coaching $6000

Maximize Your Profit Framework Masterclass $500

Email Marketing Templates With Affiliate Links $197

All My Essential Business Processes For More Structure $1997

Money And Mindset Workshop $500

Productivity And Self Care Plan $297

Policy And Procedure Template $697

A Private FB Group With 24/7 Support And Accountability

With Other Like-Minded Owners - PRICELESS

Plus When You Pay If Full Bonus $997

FULL VALUE $11,185


I have no doubt...

You’ve had meetings or one on ones with your staff. You put more hours at the salon thinking this will make the difference. You’ve tightened up your policy and procedures. Making posts and ads to attract more stylists. Going over your budget constantly making tweaks.


The way things are right now you can’t step away and have peace of mind when you are not there.
You are still micromanaging and you just don’t get it….hahah I feel ya!


Whether you are a commission, rental or combo salon the struggle is real.

What’s funny is all the other industry coaches teaching out there are not salon owners or hairstylists in the trenches like we are.
The truth is things are not black and white for us.

Sure they may have some great foundations and frameworks but what they are lacking is 

What happens in the day to day and what if you want some customisation? 

Here is what I know for sure, working harder does not equal success. 

And owning a salon IS NOT a one size fits all.

I think many of us open our salon with excitement. Excited about what we are about to create. But soon become a bit deflated having much of our joy crushed by things you didn’t even know existed like

You need more money coming in than going out to keep the doors open. You need the right people to make your dream salon come to life (we all know what kind of challenge that is right.) 

Many things come our way making us put out many fires.

Before you know it, we are wearing so many hats that our dream of bliss and the joys of ownership goes straight out the window and it becomes hard work. 

Is it all worth it?
YES, 1000 times yes and I’ll show you why.

This course is perfect for you if...
  • You’re a salon owner that is looking for a new way to run your business to make more while working less
  • You have a lot of…stress around money
  • You’re tired of…the hustle and wearing all the hats
  • You have…more positions to fill
  • You already tried…seeking help from other coaches in this space but nothing was customizable to your immediate needs
  • You’ve already…tried to be a great leader but still have problems around stylists being part of the team you invision

Nice to meet you

I'm Stacy Monroe

After 28 years of owning Stacy Monroe's Salon and surviving 9 months of having the salon shut down!

I came back stronger than ever. I reinvented my life and my salon. We opened back with 7 less stylists. I redesigned the way I ran my business. I work less and profit more!

Now I teach what I know about how to find the joy and freedom of salon ownership. I’ll show you how to profit more, save more, and have the energy and time to do what you love and not be a slave to your business.

The knowledge I have to share with my 28 years (and counting) of experience is priceless. I promise to take years of frustration and struggle off your plate so that you can create the success you desire so that you can create more financial abundance and bliss.


“Stacy Monroe is truly an expert in what she does. Sharing knowledge is second nature to her. I needed help creating other streams of income for my salon and she gave me several options to implement immediately as well as other ways to get my chairs filled with stylists and new clients. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much Stacy for sharing your knowledge and expertise.”

-Robin Ato, Owner of Salon Bel O'asis

Frequently Asked Questions

What would your life and business look like if you did nothing different in 12 months? What would it look like if you took real action on moving the needle for your life and business?

I want you to imagine for a moment why it’s important for you to make some real changes right now.