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I'm Stacy Monroe

 I’m known for "giving hair stylist their big start." 


"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."

- Les Brown

When I opened Stacy Monroe's Salon in 1994.

We started as a 5 chair salon. Within 4 years we became a 5,000 sq ft salon and spa with 20 chairs, 6 treatment rooms, three manicure/pedicure stations, a retreat area and a shower & locker room.

After 14 years of owning the spa, I sold it to free up some time so that I could pursue other dreams.

Since our most recent remodel Stacy Monroe's now stands as a 16 chair salon with one treatment room. With lots of room for future growth!

One of my super powers is reinvention and reverse engineering.

I love creating new ways to create more success while doing less work.

Over the 29 years I have reinvented my success and remodeled many times.

As an owner of this many years, I have been through a lot, I have seen it all!

Other accomplishments:


I am a published best selling author.



The creator of The Hairstylist 6 figure blueprint.



As well as, The Hairstylist Performance Planner. Where I share all my frameworks and methods on how to become a 6 figure stylist FAST!

I’ve been a stylist for over 30 years.

When I first started as a stylist, I was an assistant. My first boss Paul took me under his wing and taught me how to grow and sustain an incredible business behind my chair.

 I was a single mom at the age of 16, living on welfare and already out of the home. My goal was to raise my daughter and build a life that would be good for her and I. One without limits.

 Fast forward to today. I have 29 years experience as a salon owner and mentor for hairstylists.

I’ve been through quite a bit like, bankruptcy, law suits and audits that cost me in the 10’s of thousands. (They all could have been avoided. I don't want that to happen to you)

Today I help salon owners

find their happy place in the salon.

Create the right business plan for them. Because being an owner is not a one size fits all.

We can have what ever success we want, we just have to know what the right plan is for our future vision.

I help hairstylists build sustainable 6 figure business behind their chair with ease.

All my coaching is 100% customizable. I am an owner in the trenches just like you. I am a stylist who crushes 10K months in a 3.5 day work week without working late nights, weekends or high ticket services. 

I eliminate all the guess work for you. I help reduce all the learning curves and money mistakes so that you don’t have to suffer or take years to have a wealthy life and business. So that you can jump right into profit and success.

Here's how I can

help inspire you now:

Free Hairstylists 
6 Figure Blueprint

If you'd like the perfect tool to get you closer to making 6 figure behind your chair then you are going to want to grab this free blueprint. I've also included a few other surprises. 


Free guide for Salon Owners  

If you are struggling to feel the love as an owner right now, grab this. It's the 10 things I did to fall in love with my business again. 


Free guide

Want a few easy ways to grow a bigger clientele? Here are 4 things you can do this week to quickly book your next 10 clients!

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