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Hi I’m Stacy Monroe, I am a salon Industry Coach, I help Salon Owner reach their highest level of success and I help hair stylist create 6-figures behind their chair.

Do you dream of a future full of happiness with endless possibilities? A life where you can support yourself, your family and travel to epic destinations.

Are you a stylist that dreams about  opening your own salon one day? 

If so, that was me too...

I started in this industry when I was 17 years old, already a mom. This industry supported all of my dreams. 

On My website you will find:

Two FREE Masterclasses, one for Salon owners and one for Stylists. Each Masterclass is full of proven strategies that has helped me build my business to what it is today.

You'll also find some programs I felt were necessary to create to help you build confidence and financial independence. 


Salon Owners, do you want to know 7 of my game changing strategies in the salon? Then watch this...

7 Salon Game Changing Secrets

FREE MASTERCLASS For Salon Owners. Learn the top 7 strategies that have been game changers for my business that have kept me in the game for over 24 years.

"I'd love to help your dreams become your reality"

I have 30 years of experience behind my chair and over 24 as a salon owner. I started the industry when I was 17, and already a mom. I am super blessed to be able to work with two of my daughters, who are stylist at the salon. 

21 Days, 21 Strategies Course

This is a 21 Day program created to build momentum. This program delivers 21 video. Each video I share a proven strategies that will help you build your clientele fast. Click the link to learn more and get signed up.

21 Day #SalonHustle Course

This 21 Day, 21 Strategy salon hustle is designed to help you build a business behind your chair fast. Each strategies helps gain momentum and grow your clientele so that you can live with freedom and financial independence.

Looking for another revenue stream in or outside the salon?

When I first started a traveling boutique I had no idea how much it would change my financial world. It was crazy how fun it was and how easy it was to make extra thousands a month. The best part, I could carry merchandise in the salon too. The clients love the unique purses and jewelry. Click the link to learn more and get signed up.

Add Boutique Merchandise to Your Salon

Pop-Up Profits is an online program where I share everything you need to know about purchasing and selling boutique merchandise in the salon or on the road. Ladies night out at the salon is a perfect way to add to your bottom line. This program is packed with resources and Ideas on how to add to your brand.

The Foundation To Earning 6-Figures Workshop

This workshop is a three video series full of proven strategies, blueprints and exercises that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of success. Grow your business from zero to six figures. Click the link to learn more and get signed up.

The Foundation To Earning 6-Figures Workshop

This program is a three video series with blueprints, exercises, strategies that will lay the foundation to get from Zero to 6-figures.

""Being a stylist for 20 years, I knew opening and running a hair salon was not going to be easy. I was ready for the challenge and looking forward to the independence and freedom of being an owner. Six months after opening my salon, the challenges that I came across were not what I had anticipated. I had read books and spoken with a few salon owners, but I wasn't getting the exact information I needed. Finally a close family friend connected me to Stacy Monroe and she helped me change my business structure. Her experience and knowledge helped me create a much more balanced work environment. Thanks to Stacy, the salon is flourishing and everyone is happy!" "As an experienced stylist without much experience of owning and running a salon I turned to Stacy Monroe repeatedly for her expert advice. With her help the culture of my salon grew stronger and I was able to implement a full proof tactic to build my business. I am so grateful for her experience and even more so that she is willing to share it with our industry." -Melissa Cox, Coupe Sixty-One www.coupesixtyone.com"

Melissa Cox
Salon Owner

""Stacy has been one of the most influential individuals in my career. She's provided mentorship and guidance that has allowed me to build a successful business. I am a single mom with three children, since working with Stacy, my children and I have been able to move into our own place. I have the time to be a hands on mom. I also have the freedom and know how, to reach my financial goals" "

Liz Newell
Hair Stylist

""Stacy Monroe is truly an expert in what she does. Sharing knowledge is second nature to her. I needed help creating other streams of income for my salon and she gave me several options to implement immediately as well as other ways to get my chairs filled with stylist and new clients. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much Stacy for sharing your knowledge and expertise.""

-Robin Ato, Owner of Salon Bel O'asis
Salon Owner


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