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 August 7th doors open to The Hairstylists 6 Figure Blueprint 6 week course


In the meantime GRAB the Hairstylist 6 Figure Blueprint for FREE

Plus a few other tools that will help jump start your 6 figure business.

Listen to what Vicki said.

I went through the assignments and have been using my daily income tracker ever since. It's been so cool to see my progress, and what I can do to improve. The first week I used it was a wake up call, as I was nearly $650 short of my weekly goal (I set a big goal for myself!). The second week, after putting the things I learned to use, I was only $220 short of my weekly goal! That much closer to reaching it!
Setting goals on paper and seeing myself work towards them has been such an encouragement.

Vicki Macias

Why I created the planner.

 After finding myself in a financial downward spiral. I had to quickly 5x my income behind my chair or lose everything I worked hard for.

I took everything I knew about growing a solid business behind my chair and crushed it pretty FAST!

I created a framework showing you exactly how I did it so that you can too.

You'll find it all in the Hairstylists Performance Planner


The Hairstylists Performance Planner

Listen to Jessica's results!

I loved the planner and program!

Before Covid hit us it really kept me on track.  I was able to see exactly what I was bringing home and what went out as expenses.  It made me aware of what was coming in and accountable for what I spent in cash.  It allowed me to save money. I highly recommend the program for anyone who is struggling with setting their helpful. Much appreciation 

Jessica Olson

Gail Cameron-Cush

Look at Gail's results!

Learning and Implementing what Stacy has taught me has helped me go from a 50% return rate to 95%. I follow all the steps and I have been very consistent. Thank you Stacy, your workshop has change the way I run my entire business.

The 6 figure Hairstylists Podcast

Learn the secrets to becoming a 6 figure hairstylist.

Happiness-Freedom-Peace and Joy

This podcast Is all about how to grow and scale a 6 figure business behind your chair.

What if I told you that you do not have to struggle or take years to be a 6 figure stylist?

OMG when I DECIDED I was going to, I mapped it out. I could not believe how easy it was going to be. 

The 6 figure Hairstylists Podcast is a an absolute MUST listen to for game-changing hairstylists like you.

If you are a stylist who is struggling to growing your business to 6 figures or a stylist looking to scale your 6 figure business then I invite you to tune in.


A little more about me, I'm Stacy Monroe

I'm the owner of Stacy Monroe's salon, a stylist behind my chair, the creator of the hairstylist 6 figure blueprint and The hairstylists performance planner.

I'm also a best selling author. I'm known for giving hairstylists their big start. I am the queen of reinvention. One of my many super powers is reverse engineering. I love to help people discover their bigger version of themselves, I love watching them achieve it!

I started in this industry when I was 17 years old and already a mom so the urgency of building a sustainable career was of the most importance. I believe this industry can take us anywhere! The possibilities are endless.