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The 90-Day Hairstylist Performance Planner 


Are you sitting at home right now wondering how you'll structure your business when you get back?

Do you want to know what stands in the way of having a 6 figure business? Are you a stylist who'd like a proven system that will quickly help you scale your business to what ever income you desire when you return to the salon?

If you are like me, you feel like this SIP order has got you thinking like:

  • I'm not going back to the way things were
  • I am not giving any more deals
  • I need a social life other then the salon
  • I want more free time to spend quality time with my family
  • I'm tired of doing things that work for others rather then myself.

Are you sick of feeling like:

  • You work so hard but you're still not making the amount of money you want?
  • You work too many hours, you want to work less and make more so that you can have a life
  • Your business needs some structure
  • You want an easy way to manage and track your clients as well as your money. 

A structure that can help free up your time to allow more freedom to do what ever you want!

I totally get it, and I feel you!

A few years back I was dealing with some different issues, but a similar situation. One that required me to evaluate my current reality and what needed to change. 

That's how the methods in this planner were created. 

I want you to Imagine this is your new normal:

  • You are charging what you want to be paid
  • You have the perfect schedule 
  • Your money management system is a success, you are paying bills off and saving
  • Your clients are gladly paying and rebooking
  • Your business has a nice flow with the right systems that make it impossible to fail. 

Maybe you're thinking, this is too good to be true? 

I hear you, but once I took the time to create the plan, map it out, create the right method and tools and IMPLEMENT THEM I was like OMG that was easy. And now I want to share it with all you hairstylists. I want to give you the map to create any success you'd like. And I mean ANY success. As long as you are willing to create some new success habits.

These systems are easy, the only thing you need to do is follow them step by step like I have. 

My new normal is taking two days a week off my schedule. I've changed my prices and my hours.

My goal, make the same money but cut the days and time I spend in the salon WAY BACK so that I can spend more time with my friends, family and find my plus one :)  

The 90-Day Hairstylist Performance Planner will help you map out all aspects of what it will take.

You'll see It's more then just declaring your number. There are a few strategies and systems you need to have in place to execute your plan. 

I've also created a Mini course to show you how to use each section of the planner so that you can maximize your success.

How many times have you bought a planner but didn't know how to properly use it, so you just pushed it to the side? 

I know I have. 

Well I don't want you to do that! Everything you need to grow and sustain a  successful business is in this planner! 

If you don't find that to be true, you can keep the planner and I will give you your money back!  

 So if you've been feeling stuck and frustrated in the past and wonder what's the best way to grow your business, and make more money to build a more quality life, then this planner and mini course is for you.

In the mini course, I've also included the replay of a training where I teach the Hairstylist 6 Figure Blueprint framework as well as a video where I share my results after using the planner for 90 days. 

 Inside the Hairstylist Performance Planner you'll find:

  • The 6-Figure Blueprint framework 
  • Client trackers, money trackers
  • 7 day social post ideas that you can rinse and repeat
  • A 2 page exercise to get you clear on your numbers. 

AND much more

Using the methods and systems in the planner you will:

  • Eliminate gaps in your schedule.
  • Retain 90% of your clients and have them rebooking
  • Booked out weeks in advanced
  • Know to market yourself
  • Grow a bigger clientele
  • Hit your monetary targets
  • Know your budgets

This performance planner is your entire business at your fingertips!

No more wonder how to grow, scale and organize your business behind your chair.

If you are ready to have a full system to double or triple your income, grab this planner. 

No more confusion on how to manage or grow your business behind your chair!

If you are ready to get laser focused and committed to a master plan to CRUSH IT behind your chair as soon as you get back, then the Hairstylist Performance Planner is for you. 

The Hairstylist Performance planner

Mini Course and Masterclass


Topics that will be covered:

  • What's working NOW in marketing yourself
  • How to switch your mindset so you fall in love with your work again
  • What you should be doing to GET MORE CLIENTS consistently & with ease
  • How to set yourself up for success with automated systems
Save My Seat!

Stacy Monroe here and welcome to my website!

Hi I’m Stacy Monroe, I am a salon Industry Coach, Co-Author in the book Business Success With Ease and the creator of The Hair Stylist 6-Figure Blueprint. I help Salon Owner reach their highest level of success in their business, and I help hair stylist create 6-figure incomes behind their chair.



Did you know that most salons close within 18 months?

 I’ve seen it, and I can tell you exactly why it happens.
Are you a salon owner who feels like
  • You’re drowning, working really hard and not seeing enough  return, and your debt is getting too high?
  • Are you frustrated and tired of micro-managing, and struggling to build the right team?
  • Are you feeling deflated right now?
  • Are you lacking the right systems and frameworks to run a stress free business?
  • Do you need more structure in the salon but you’re not quite sure what that looks like, or even know where to begin?
Would you like to know how to avoid things like, law suits, audits and bankruptcy? 


Or maybe you are a salon owner that just opened and you want to succeed right from the gate and avoid all the low points of being an owner.


For those of you who don’t know my story, I opened Stacy Monroe's Salon in 1994.

I was a 5 chair salon. When I opened, I was alone with many unpacked boxes because when I told my boss at the time I was opening my own salon she fired me on the spot. I wasn’t mad, she had to do what worked best for her.

After two years of opening my doors as a 5 chair salon, I negotiated a bigger space with my landlord. A few years after that, I took the building next to the salon and within 4 years we went from a 5 chair salon to a 20 chair salon, with 6 treatment rooms and three manicurist. with a retreat and shower locker room.

After 14 years of owning the spa I sold it to free up some of my time to persue other dreams.

We now stand as a 19 chair salon with estheticians and a manicurist.

Over the years I have reinvented and remodeled multiple times.

I can honestly say as an owner, I have been through a lot and I’ve seen it all!

How did I became a co-author in the book BSWE you ask?
I was at a low point in my life and  career as an owner so I felt the need to hired a business coach to pull me out of my funk.
It's been 5 years since then and I am above and beyond excited all over again about this industry.
I’m also known for "giving hair stylist their big start."
5 stylists that left the salon have gone on and opened their own salons! 4 of them are in my town and from what I know they're all doing pretty well!
All this being said, I am super excited about my upcoming membership called Salon Thrive Tribe. The doors will be open soon.
If you are a salon owner who would like MORE PROFIT, MORE TIME AND FREEDOM, get yourself on the waiting list. 
Join other salon owners and lets thrive together.
The doors are opening in the next few weeks.
If you miss it
you can be put on the wait list for our next season.
This round you will be a founding member and locked into the founding member monthly subscription price. 
For ALL of the info, get on the list.



FOUNDING MEMBERS to my new Membership for salon owners!



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"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great" ~Les Brown

I am beyond blessed to have over 30 years experience as a stylist and over 25 years as a salon owner. I started the industry when I was 17, and already a mom. My two daughters Elida and Mandy followed my foot steps and became a stylist. Lundon is a talented Artist. 

7 Salon Game Changing Secrets

FREE MASTERCLASS For Salon Owners. Learn the top 7 strategies that have been game changers for my business that have kept me in the game for over 24 years.

Add Boutique Merchandise to Your Salon

Pop-Up Profits is an online program where I share everything you need to know about purchasing and selling boutique merchandise in the salon or on the road. Ladies night out at the salon is a perfect way to add to your bottom line. This program is packed with resources and Ideas on how to add to your brand.

"Being a stylist for 20 years, I knew opening and running a hair salon was not going to be easy. I was ready for the challenge and looking forward to the independence and freedom of being an owner. Six months after opening my salon, the challenges that I came across were not what I had anticipated. I had read books and spoken with a few salon owners, but I wasn't getting the exact information I needed. Finally a close family friend connected me to Stacy Monroe and she helped me change my business structure. Her experience and knowledge helped me create a much more balanced work environment. Thanks to Stacy, the salon is flourishing and everyone is happy!" "As an experienced stylist without much experience of owning and running a salon I turned to Stacy Monroe repeatedly for her expert advice. With her help the culture of my salon grew stronger and I was able to implement a full proof tactic to build my business. I am so grateful for her experience and even more so that she is willing to share it with our industry. -Melissa Cox, Coupe Sixty-One www.coupesixtyone.com"

Melissa Cox
Salon Owner

"Stacy has been one of the most influential individuals in my career. She's provided mentorship and guidance that has allowed me to build a successful business. I am a single mom with three children, since working with Stacy, my children and I have been able to move into our own place. I have the time to be a hands on mom. I also have the freedom and know how, to reach my financial goals "

Liz Newell
Hair Stylist

"Stacy Monroe is truly an expert in what she does. Sharing knowledge is second nature to her. I needed help creating other streams of income for my salon and she gave me several options to implement immediately as well as other ways to get my chairs filled with stylist and new clients. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much Stacy for sharing your knowledge and expertise."

-Robin Ato, Owner of Salon Bel O'asis
Salon Owner

"I decided to take the plunge and open a salon. I decided that I needed to invest in a business coach. Stacy has been an amazing coach. Walking me through every step. My mindset has changed and my income is following! Working with Stacy has been a great opportunity for me and my business to grow."

Vanessa Badilla
New owner of Crush Salon and Stylists

"I am a Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Lash Technician and Trainer. I bought my very first beauty salon in April 2018. I have faced many challenges that I was never told about, I wasn’t prepared for all the unexpected things that could happens in a beauty salon. I was overwhelmed with all the tasks, un-answered questions, my confidence had never been that low in my life. I knew that I could do better, I searched for help, and some experts are super expensive and not even customized for me. I kept searching and I have found Stacy Monroe from the group Elite Mastermind Salon Owners. She has answered a few questions I asked that made me feel confident to talk to her more. I looked at her online coaching content and it was exactly what I needed. I decided to take her online coaching program. She has untied so many knots I had in my mind. The picture gets more and more clear each time we talk. Every question I had for her received quality knowledge. She really customized her coaching just for me. She’s been there all the time to help me. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence of being a leader, a salon owner. I am forever grateful! I highly recommend Stacy for any salon owner who’s searching for some answers. Much love to you Stacy "

Sofia Chan Hoang
Sophia Chau Hoang- Owner SEN - Maison De Beauté

"I went through the assignments and have been using my daily income tracker ever since. It's been so cool to see my progress, and what I can do to improve. The first week I used it was a wake up call, as I was nearly $650 short of my weekly goal (I set a big goal for myself!). The second week, after putting the things I learned to use, I was only $220 short of my weekly goal! That much closer to reaching it! Setting goals on paper and seeing myself work towards them has been such an encouragement."

Vicki Macias
Hair Stylist

"Learning and Implementing what Stacy has taught me has helped me go from a 50% return rate to 95%. I follow all the steps and I have been very consistent. Thank you Stacy, your workshop has change the way I run my entire business."

Gail Cameron-Cush
Hair Stylist

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