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All things color with Elaine Travis

Such an amazing conversation with

Elaine Travis, founder of  Experts Color Solutions.

Elaine lives and breathes color education. 

Elaine asks the question, are you a fierce formulator or fearful formulator? 

Elaine is generous with sharing her knowledge and expertise. 

She share her top 3 pieces of advice that will help give you a different perspective on how you should be

looking at your business.

She also shares the story on how her salon is now closed on Saturdays :)

This is a must listen to interview if you are a stylist and salon owner.   

If you are a stylist who would like to feel more confident in your color formulations then check this out!

Elaine's workshop begins November 9th  there are 3 sessions followed by live Q and A

You can find her Coffee Chats every Wednesday at 10:00 AM EST on FB

And if you want more check her out on

And Youtube