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Do you feel like you need better answers on how to run your salon. Answers with PROVEN strategies that can provide you with immediate relief? 


Are you tired, scared and sometime consider throwing in the towel because of all the difficulties around running a salon.

Do you dream of a salon that highly profits, runs itself and fits your current lifestyle so that you can enjoy being the owner and still love your life?  I will teach and share what has worked and not worked in the last 30 years. 


I will do a Masterclass on how to avoid bankruptcy, lawsuits, and audits!

Do you wonder what are all the secrets
to keeping your doors open and avoiding all the costly mistakes?


Why this membership? Well first because I just hit 30 years in business as a salon owner and I have been trying to figure out how I can help many of you shave off some years of struggle.

I started with a 5 chair salon in 1994. We grew to a 20 chair salon with a full Spa that consisted of 6 treatment rooms, a retreat area with a shower locker room and three manicure and pedicure stations within 5 years.

Secondly, I am in many groups full of salon owners. When I see a question asking for help I want to answer but my answer is too big. I feel each question is worthy of a masterclass because there are so many components to an answer. 

I have a ton of core training that I'll share in a masterclass but the best part about this membership is 

I WILL CREATE A MASTERCLASS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR NEEDS. All salons are not a one size fits all!

That's right, you ask I will teach what I know around each subject so that together we can eliminate your doubt and stress around ownership. So that you can have a thriving salon of your dreams and you can sleep better at night knowing you have a plan.



What's Included out the gate...
Also included are...


  • One binder method: This is your entire business in one binder using my methods and frameworks that help you run your business with ease .(Valued at $500.) 
  • Contracts for your renters and independent contractors. Written by a California Labor law attorney so other states may need to make some changes (Valued at 2K) 
  • Receptionist tasks and time managing itinerary. Game changer here (valued at $47) 
  • Code of conduct and policy and procedure example
  • Our latest strategy that has a team of renters working well together

 AND what ever I can find that I have used to solve problems for the last 30 years!

Once we open the doors we will have a few spots for fast action takers who join :)

It's a one on one virtual walk through of your salon with a full coaching session on ways you can restructure and fully monetize your salon space. 
A $2,000 value


“Being a stylist for 20 years, I knew opening and running a hair salon was not going to be easy. I was ready for the challenge and looking forward to the independence and freedom of being an owner. Six months after opening my salon, the challenges that I came across were not what I had anticipated. I had read books and spoken with a few salon owners, but I wasn't getting the exact information I needed. Finally a close family friend connected me to Stacy Monroe and she helped me change my business structure. Her experience and knowledge helped me create a much more balanced work environment. Thanks to Stacy, the salon is flourishing and everyone is happy! I turned to Stacy Monroe repeatedly for her expert advice. With her help the culture of my salon grew stronger and I was able to implement a full proof tactic to build my business. I am so grateful for her experience and even more so that she is willing to share it with our industry.”

-Melissa Cox, Coupe Sixty-One

Other details about the membership:

  • Each month I will add a new Masterclass training  based on your questions. 
  • Each month  we will have hot seats and live Q$A


  • A Private FB Group With 24/7 Support And Accountability
  • You get to be around like minded salon owners so that you don't feel alone in your struggles. Together we will celebrate our wins



Nice to meet you

I'm Stacy Monroe

After 30 years of owning Stacy Monroe's Salon and surviving 9 months of having the salon shut down!

I came back stronger than ever. I reinvented my life and my salon. We opened back with 7 less stylists. I redesigned the way I run my business. I work less and profit more!

Now I teach what I know about how to find the joy and freedom of salon ownership. I’ll show you how to profit more, save more, and have the energy and time to do what you love and not be a slave to your business.

The knowledge I have to share with my 30 years of experience is priceless. I promise to take years of frustration and struggle off your plate so that you can create the success you desire so that you can create more financial abundance and bliss in your life



“Stacy Monroe is truly an expert in what she does. Sharing knowledge is second nature to her. I needed help creating other streams of income for my salon and she gave me several options to implement immediately as well as other ways to get my chairs filled with stylists and new clients. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much Stacy for sharing your knowledge and expertise.”

-Robin Ato, Owner of Salon Bel O'asis

- Sophia Chau Hoang- Owner SEN - Maison De Beauté

“I am a Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Lash Technician and Trainer. I bought my very first beauty salon in April 2018. I have faced many challenges that I was never told about, I wasn’t prepared for all the unexpected things that could happen in a beauty salon.

I was overwhelmed with all the tasks, un-answered questions, my confidence had never been that low in my life. I knew that I could do better, I searched for help, and some experts are super expensive and not even customized for me.

I kept searching and I have found Stacy Monroe from the group Elite Mastermind Salon Owners. She has answered a few questions I asked that made me feel confident to talk to her more. I looked at her online coaching content and it was exactly what I needed. I decided to take her online coaching program. She has untied so many knots I had in my mind. The picture gets more and more clear each time we talk. Every question I had for her received quality knowledge.

She really customized her coaching just for me. She’s been there all the time to help me. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence of being a leader, a salon owner. I am forever grateful! I highly recommend Stacy for any salon owner who’s searching for some answers.

Much love to you Stacy”

Vanessa Badilla
New owner of Crush Salon and Stylists

"I decided to take the plunge and open a salon. I decided that I
needed to invest in a business coach. Stacy has been an amazing
coach. Walking me through every step. My mindset has changed
and my income is following! Working with Stacy has been a great
opportunity for me and my business to grow."