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Make 2018 your best year yet


Ok lets get this party started!!

It's always such a big subject at the beginning of every year to set your intentions and monetary goals.

Why do we set them in the first place? Usually because we had a struggle or two the previous year and we are determined not to re-live the same experiences. 

Why do some people, never bother?

One reason comes to mind...have you ever been all fired up at the beginning of the year. You get yourself all set up with some big goals, only to not have them happen?

That will never happen with the proper strategies and preperation. 

So today I'm going to make it super easy on you by attaching two of my favorite and important tools to get you started.  

Did you know the number one thing we all have in common is, to be happy?  We all want to be happy. Let's face it, being able to live financially independent and pay our bills on time can make us pretty happy. It sure is less stressful when we have the money in the bank.

So today lets asses where you are and where you need to be. If you are coming up short every month, you can't seem to save money or buy groceries... pay your bills on time, then do this ASAP. Sometimes it's not as bad as you think.

The feedback I've gotten from people doing this work is, they weren't as bad off as they thought. Sometimes we just need to track our money and pay closer attention to it.

I want to bring up cash, cash we receive from paying clients, it is income. I know how I used to be, when I had cash in my pocket I would spend it. I really didn't consider my cash as income. But the truth is cash is not our discretionary income and should be included in our income. It counts. What I encourage you to do for more then one reason, I'll tell you the second one in a sec, Is get yourself a little wallet or file thingy and put all your money every day in there. 

Have you ever found a 20 dollar bill in your smoke or jean pocket days later or a check  shoved in some side pocket in your purse. This is reason number two to keep your money together and hit the bank daily and put that money in there. 

I know many of you resist this stuff but you must measure your growth in order to reach hirer peaks. Knowledge is empowerment. 

First thing I want you to do is:

  • Determine, how much money it will take to keep you above water? 
  • Secondly, how much are you making now? Average it out
  • And third, is there a gap? 

The idea is to make at least the minimal first, then set up some higher goals. Or go for it, and set them as high as you want.

I find there is no different setting any monetary goal. Because what ever intentions I set, I hit. I map it out first, I see it and I go for it.

If I can, you can.

With the first worksheet you will determine what it will take to pay all the bills.

The second worksheet is your daily income tracking page to keep you on track of what you want and need to make.

How you will use the tracker page is, once you know your weekly goal. You will want to break it up per day. The worksheet will make this super easy for you.

Here are your worksheets, you can download from this link.


If you need any additional help, feel free to reach out to me. [email protected] (I know I mentioned a different email in the video, this is now my new one)

Have fun with this, I find it very exciting to know I am on my way to hitting my new monetary goals.


Stacy Monroe



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