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Top 5 Reasons Clients Don't Come Back.


What creates a loyal client? 

Do you ever wonder what clients are saying behind your back?

Do you struggle with a low percentage of retention?

Have you ever done a great job on someones hair and they didn't come back?

I recently had a new client in my chair. She started singing like a canary as to why she was looking for a new stylist... again. After talking with her, I decided to ask other clients about their past experiences with other stylists. I asked the biggest question, why did you stop going to them?

Here are the main reasons clients leave your chair:

  • Rescheduling/flakiness
  • Inconsistent results
  • Running late or behind
  • Drama filled conversations
  • Never try anything different

As you know, I am a Salon Industry Coach, and this was a strong confirmation of what I teach and lecture on. 

How to combat these complaints: 

  • Rescheduling/flakiness: No matter what, do not reschedule "just because." I know some stylists commute and don't want to come in for...
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