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Top 5 Reasons Clients Don't Come Back.


What creates a loyal client? 

Do you ever wonder what clients are saying behind your back?

Do you struggle with a low percentage of retention?

Have you ever done a great job on someones hair and they didn't come back?

I recently had a new client in my chair. She started singing like a canary as to why she was looking for a new stylist... again. After talking with her, I decided to ask other clients about their past experiences with other stylists. I asked the biggest question, why did you stop going to them?

Here are the main reasons clients leave your chair:

  • Rescheduling/flakiness
  • Inconsistent results
  • Running late or behind
  • Drama filled conversations
  • Never try anything different

As you know, I am a Salon Industry Coach, and this was a strong confirmation of what I teach and lecture on. 

How to combat these complaints: 

  • Rescheduling/flakiness: No matter what, do not reschedule "just because." I know some stylists commute and don't want to come in for one person but when you are building a business and when you want to retain your business you must be reliable. 
  • Inconsistent: Two ways to be constant with their results. Write down their formula in your notes. And most importantly, keep your cabinet properly stocked. Take inventory of what colors you have all week. Hit the beauty supply on Monday.
  • Running late:  Walk into the salon at least 10 minutes early. Be aware of your appointment times all day. Keep your eye on the clock. If you are a stylist that needs more time, then have the front desk book you more time for your clients. Remember we are all busy, and your clients time should be respected. 
  • Drama conversations: My advice is always wait to talk about yourself until you've done your client three times. Learn to listen more. It takes a client three times to be in your chair before they become "yours." And as a stylist, please be courteous to the clients and Stylists next to you. They hear everything. 
  • Always the same ol: Sometimes you just have to take the lead on this one. Have the conversation first with your client if they ever think about trying something new. But if your client asks for something new first, do not blow them off. Bring out the color chart and start talking color. Google new cut styles. 

And on a side note: We all know our clients have personal stuff going on before they even hit our chair. We are not only making them look good but most importantly we are helping them FEEL good. You achieve that, and you'll have yourself  a loyal client. 

Quick story about one of mine.

She was a walk-in, heavy highlight, blonde dependent. You know the type. While I was doing the service, she was picking her nails, talked the whole time about life and the stresses, super fidgety. I chimed in when I could with my "what would Oprah or Tony say to help this woman" She leaves happy and we rebook her for 7 weeks.

She comes back for her next appointment all excited, a totally different woman. She says to me " you are never gonna believe my life since I saw you last" She then goes on to say, "I quit my job, I start a new job next week and I got a personal trainer and lost 7 pounds" She then thanks me, and gives me all the credit for these joyful things happening in her life. She said I inspired her to make these changes. 

Honestly I was surprised about her transformation coming from our conversation, I didn't remember saying anything that special to her. I think I mostly listened and encouraged. 

This is an example of what clients come in for, transformation on the inside. They want to look good and feel good.

I invite you to practice these habits.

In this industry, it's all about trust and building relationships. Always think about the relationships and end results. Our behaviors and habits will dictate our success, or our sabotage. You decide which will it be.

You Decide


Stacy Monroe




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