Want another revenue stream? Check this out!

Salon Owners, are you leaving money on the table?

Do you need to find ways to generate more income in your salon?

In your salon

  • Is there room to add more stations?
  • Do you have some empty space on your front counter, empty corner or wall you could display some quick sale boutique items?
  • Could you squeeze in a manicurist?
  • Do you have a storage room you could convert into a treatment room adding multiple service in your salon? 
  • Any small room you could convert to a spray tanning room?

When I first opened my salon, It was a five station salon. To make more money to pay the bills, I quickly found a way to add 4 more stations and a manicurist to the salon.

2.5 years later the salon was full, with a waiting list of 4 stylists. This gave me the green light to negotiate a bigger building in my same shopping center. We signed a new lease for a building double the size we were in and we moved in it, 5 weeks later. My ex hubby was a builder so he built everything out. We became an 18 chair salon with one manicures and one...

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Make 2018 your best year yet


Ok lets get this party started!!

It's always such a big subject at the beginning of every year to set your intentions and monetary goals.

Why do we set them in the first place? Usually because we had a struggle or two the previous year and we are determined not to re-live the same experiences. 

Why do some people, never bother?

One reason comes to mind...have you ever been all fired up at the beginning of the year. You get yourself all set up with some big goals, only to not have them happen?

That will never happen with the proper strategies and preperation. 

So today I'm going to make it super easy on you by attaching two of my favorite and important tools to get you started.  

Did you know the number one thing we all have in common is, to be happy?  We all want to be happy. Let's face it, being able to live financially independent and pay our bills on time can make us pretty happy. It sure is less stressful when we have the money in the bank.


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Why read my blog...who is Stacy Monroe anyway?


Hey guys Stacy Monroe here.

For those of you who don't know me,

First and foremost, I am a mother and grandmother. I am self made. I moved out at the age of 16, with a four week old baby in my arms and I never looked back.

Two of my daughters are Hair Stylists and for 16 years, my aunt ran my front desk before she retired. I am blessed to have them in my life and part of my business.

I am grateful, passionate, dedicated, motivated and very good at, self renewal and reinvention. 

I am a National Salon Business Building and Industry Expert. From salon start-ups to growing established salons. I help new and experienced salon owners create winning salons, with my expert business plans and innovative leading edge marketing strategies. I have 24 years of successful salon ownership under my belt. I combine artistry with dynamic professional business savvy, to help both struggling owners and successful owners who want to grow and upscale their business.

I teach hair stylist how to...

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