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Salon Owners, are you leaving money on the table?

Do you need to find ways to generate more income in your salon?

In your salon

  • Is there room to add more stations?
  • Do you have some empty space on your front counter, empty corner or wall you could display some quick sale boutique items?
  • Could you squeeze in a manicurist?
  • Do you have a storage room you could convert into a treatment room adding multiple service in your salon? 
  • Any small room you could convert to a spray tanning room?

When I first opened my salon, It was a five station salon. To make more money to pay the bills, I quickly found a way to add 4 more stations and a manicurist to the salon.

2.5 years later the salon was full, with a waiting list of 4 stylists. This gave me the green light to negotiate a bigger building in my same shopping center. We signed a new lease for a building double the size we were in and we moved in it, 5 weeks later. My ex hubby was a builder so he built everything out. We became an 18 chair salon with one manicures and one Esthetician. 

A few years later the building next to us became available so we negotiated that leased and sign it. We took down a big portion of the connecting wall and just about doubled our square feet again, adding a full service Spa.

 So at the peak of ownership, I was a 20 chair salon, with a full service spa that included three manicure/pedicure stations. 6 treatment rooms a retreat area and shower locker room. 

After 14 years of successfully owning the Spa I sold it. I wanted to make things a bit easier on me so that I could move on into different areas in my career like writing and teaching. 

Something I added to the salon was a Boutique. I had boutique parties at the salon and I had traveling boutique parties. And I tell you this generated lots of extra cash!

I've done custom airbrush spray tanning in the salon and in the Spa as well.

When I sold the spa we became just a 20 chair salon with a boutique. That lasted about three years until I got bored and realized we needed to up our game and add different services to the salon so that we could get different type of customers.

So with a bit of imagination and lightweight construction, I am now a 19 chair salon with a manicure table, Pedicure chair and one treatment room where we do waxing, facials, and Microblading. I have a small storage room that I am now converting to a Spray tanning room.    

I've gotten creative over the last 24 years to keep the salon in the game. I've remodeled more times then a few times. The salon never gets stale and we are always changing it up.

So let me ask you,

  • Are there services you could add?
  • Do you have some extra room to sell some purses or bracelets? 
  • Can you move some things around or eliminate furniture to add more stations?

Being creative in these areas has been helpful in keeping my doors open.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to help

[email protected]

If you are interested in learning about adding boutique items to your salon or have a traveling boutique, Click the blue bar above that says, "want another revenue stream, check this out" I created a quick program showing you how to do it. 


Stacy Monroe



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