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Conversations That Convert

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2019

Conversations That Convert

The 5-Steps to raise your retention and rebooking rates.

Before we get into these 5-Steps, did you know we have 3 seconds to impress our clients?
Yep, people will size us up in the first 3 seconds of meeting us.
So these 5-Steps are crucial when meeting a client for the first time.
AND let's not leave out our regular clients, they need to feel special too.
 Just yesterday I went over "the consultation step" with my long time client who's been growing her hair out so that she can do something different.
There are also two ways we run the risk of loosing clients
1. Because we aren't encouraging them to try something new.
2. Offering deals and swag to new client only.
I once had a client start coming to me after her stylist of 15 years witnessed her stylist give away rewards to "newer" clients and left her out of the free giveaway. 
So lets begin
When you greet them, it is important to be on time, be camera ready, (meaning if a camera crew came into your salon, you'd be ready to be on film) and introduce yourself to the client.
Then walk the client over to  your chair and begin the consultation.
9 times out of 10, the reason people leave unhappy is because of an improper consultation.
So let's ask them a few questions like this,
Do you have any inspiration pictures?
Ask them, what they like about the picture and reiterate what the picture is, like say, ok you want to part here, layers like this, that length etcetera.
You may find they only like one thing about the picture or don’t want that picture at all.
To better understand their needs ask stuff like this, 
-What don’t you like about your hair right now?
-When was your last cut
At this point you should have a great better understanding of what they are looking for.
Ask and get to know their hair as you are beginning the shampoo service. Maybe you might want to use a deep cleansing shampoo, anti frizz or moisture treatment at the bowl.
Ask question like this while you're shampooing,
  • What are you using at home on your hair?
  • Is there anything that’s bothering you about the health, tangles, oily, frizzy, build up?

If they are not using pro-products let them know this may be the reason why they may be experiencing some of this. Let them know, after the service you can show them something that will help.

Remember they are coming to you to solve their hair problems too  

Use the right product and tools to achieve this and tell them what you are using.
Also after the consult ask if they like some water, coffee and tea. You can have your assistant get it or you can while the assistant washes
During the service, listen and practice the 80/20 rule. And be sure to use your “station voices”
Your job is to become the listener. If you have a chatty one, in between breaths, always bring the conversation back to their hair.
Maybe say something like I noticed your hair tangles a lot, or it seems it needs moisture. Perfect time to play doctors, remember that is what they are there for. You should always recommend a hair regiment and the easiest way is, if they aren’t using pro product. I always explain what the PH of hair is and they are always surprised.
Let then know when they use outside pro products is why their color fades color, why they have blown up cuticles which causes the tangles and long term spit ends and broken hair. 
The one line before you start to style:
Ask them how they'd like their hair to look when you are finished with the blow dry. Pick the products and tell them why you chose them. 
Walk them over, ask when they’d like to make their next appointment. Ask would they like to get a bottle of the  finishing product or conditioner you used.
When they leave, track them, put them in your performance planner, record what you charge, log their info and file them in the proper place. (all in the planner too)
You can also ask them to check in on yelp for a free gift, we give swag bags. Everything in my swag bags comes from my points, and reps reps. 
A few stats for you
Your business will grow 60% when you rebook your clients.
You have a 17% hirer retention rate to the client who buys the products.
I hope this helped! 
Stacy Monroe

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